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At first I was not sure about this page, but I received huge amount of support and encouragement to set it up, so it is here.

My philosophy is simple: I do not talk about things, I do things. And whatever I do, I try to do my best.

I train hard, I compete at iconic and epic races, travel to different and remote places. I try to shoot best possible images along the way (and/or collaborate with a photographer), then I write race reports and an [ultra]running blog. I run and race for sheer joy of it and I am glad for that. Then I write the reports and articles to share the joy with you. All this for free with no perspective of making a profit out of. And I would like to keep it like this. This page is not about making a profit out of it, but to keep it going.

If you like this page, like to read the articles, find them useful or simply share the same passion as me, then please consider supporting me. The mechanism is simple: The more support I recieve, the more I can stick to what I do best: Run, race and report on it. How can you support me:

1] Buy photos from Andrea. Add a note so

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Every donation helps, however small or big it is. I also always try to provide something in return. Anyone can read and share these articles for free. If you think, that I can give you an advice on running and/or racing, do not hesitate to ask for help. If you have something bigger in mind, [presentation, speech, whatever], contact me – preferably using my facebook page and we can come up with something.

Provisional racing program for 2016 can be seen here, for more details on me you can see the results, articles [in English – I gradually more and more in English], follow me on Instagram [ultramarine666], Twitter [@Palonc] or Strava.