2016 – Races and projects

My racing and adventure calendar for 2016 is not yet complete, but the most important races and key dates are set. Here they are:

  • Pennine Way FKT [June/July] – key project for 2016. Winning The Spine Race one thing, but the all-time record of 65 hours, 48 minutes and 17 seconds is a way different story. All preparations for 2016 are focused on this single goal. The attempt will take place in late June or early July 2016 to take advantage of good weather and use as much daylight as possible. This project involves making a documentary about the record attempt and the Pennie Way. You can support this project by clicking on the Support button.


  • The Spine Race [January]- Britain’s most brutal race – yes, it is. 430km in dark and cold England in January. After winning 2014 and 2015, finished 2nd just over 100 hours. Intense and interesting racing.
  • Patagonia Expedition Race [13-26 February]- 10day expedition race in wild, savage and remote of chilean Patagonia. Rightly described as the last wild race.
  • Baise Outdoor Quest [18-21 April]- 4 days of multisport stage racing. Stages from 12 to 16 hours, 4person coed team, scorching heat, steep hills and super-intense competition and furious pace. That’s chinese stage racing. I just love this race.
  • Yading Skyrace [30 April] – Skyrunning in China is a mystery in itself.
  • Cape Wrath Ultra [22-29 May]- 400 km and 8 stages over the northern ridge of Scotland. After my experience on the Dragon’s Back Race, I know this is the way to go for me.
  • Northern Traverse [30 May – 4 June] – True Coast to Coast course. 310 km nonstop – another Pavel vs. Eoin showdown.
  • Three Peaks Yacht Race [11-18 June] – combination of sailing and running, reaching highest peaks of Wales, England and Scotland. Completely new kind of race for me.
  • Raid Aran [July] – Adventure Racing European Championship. 75 hours high in the Pyrenees is an adventure in itself.
  • Tromso Hamperokken [7 August] – 50km /4400m+ in super technical course in Norway
  • GongGa 100 km [August] – 100km running in Eeastern Tibet, average altitude over 4200 m.
  • Els 2900 [October] – 70km, 6800m+, Andorra. 7 highest peaks of Andorra in a single race, super-technical course, on the boundary of skyrunning and mountain climbing, both race and alpine expedition. Just love it.
  • XPD [November] – Adventure Racing World Championship. 7 days of tough adventure racing in Australia. After surviving World Championship in Pantanal, Brazil in 2015 on 11th place, we want to climb even higher in the rankings.

As mentioned above, races will be added as I have them confirmed and/or finalize the schedule. Super-technical, altitude and/or multiday races are the most likely additions.